Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a crime that haunts it’s victim for a lifetime. Though laws have gotten tougher, they still have a long way to go in really dealing with the crime as a whole.
Identity Theft is like opening Pandora’s Box, once opened a curse is released haunting the victim for life.

1 in 8 US citizens is estimated to become a victim of Identity Theft in 2006. Wll you be one of them?

What will you do? Who will you report it to? Where will you find people who really care and can help you recover?

Identity Theft nets thieves billions of dollars a year,and the problem is only growing. Thieves have found new approaches, new avenues, and are getting bolder by the day.

Identity Theft IS a crisis!

Who Are They? What Do They Want?

An Identity Thief can be a stranger in another country, your neighbor, a co- worker, friend, or employee where you shop.

Identity Thieves stay quietly hidden in areas we cannot legally reach, or they may be in our own backyard placing others in the position of taking the fall by how they design their schemes. They are Criminals and need to be stopped!

They want your good name and your hard earned money! They will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Cold Hard Facts!

FACT: Identity Theft ruins lives!

FACT: Identity Theft can cost you thousands of dollars and your creditworthiness!

FACT: A thief can commit crimes in your name for which you can be arrested!

FACT: A thief can get a job in your name for which you will owe taxes!

FACT: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 246,570,000 cases of identity theft were reported cases of in 2004.

FACT: Identity Theft can cost you your career opportunity!

FACT: You can throw road blocks in a thief’s way and I can teach you how!

FACT: Many victims do not find out about Identity Theft until damage mounts and they are refused credit.


FACT: Many people do not pay proper attention to their credit reports; this only delays discovery of the theft.

Do Not allow a thief to run off with your good name and your hard earned cash. Do all you can today to FIGHT BACK and trip him up every step of the way!

You can never be 100% protected and anyone who claims they can protect you fully is seriously misleading you. You can learn how to shield yourself from as much damage as possible, and give a thief one tussle after another when he tries to steal his way to your pocketbook.

Identity Theft is a life altering experience