How the Security Industry is Helping to Prevent Identity Theft

Plagiarism is unlawful in terms of duplicating content which is quite similar to copying someone else’s identity and claiming it as your own. Identity theft is fast becoming a worldwide scare as more victims’ identities were found to be replicated and used for filing tax returns, health insurance claims, and loans or credit lines. In fact, according to CNN Money, an estimate of one fraudulent incidence happens every two seconds which has roused alarm and panic especially in the United States.

The security industry is certainly on high-alert with identity theft incidences on the rise since 2013. Security guards manning their posts take extra precautionary measures in ensuring that their clients and employers are safeguarded from technologically-savvy criminals who are lurking over the internet as well as those who are eyeing your wallet or smartphone.

How does the security industry handle all of these scary tactics? Well, they certainly have implemented better safety protocols to help ensure that our personal identity is protected at all times such as the following:

  • Surveillance cameras in place. Security cameras must be set up strategically in the right locations of the building. These cameras must be closely monitored to ensure that everyone is followed and observed for any unscrupulous behavior including all employees as well as guests or people who come in for official transactions. This helps security guards to respond in times of danger tro limb and property as well as to prevent any forms of identity theft from taking place.
  • Strict screening of employees and guests. This measure ensures that no intruders can permeate into the workplace. The security post must be manned at all times such that everyone who enters the building must be frisked and scanned for any illegal or dangerous items that they could be carrying like firearms, drugs, or any illegitimate software or devices for copying vital information. Security officers also look for proper IDs and formal business requests before allowing other people to enter the vicinity. They just don’t take someone’s word for it and makes sure that everyone presents valid IDS and official documents before they are allowed into the premises. Nobody is also allowed to take any office document (softcopy or hardcopy) out of the office without proper verification.
  • Take advantage of paper shredding services. Office documents as well as personal documents are very important that should be dealt with utmost confidentiality. When placed in the wrong hands, this information can be used to commit identity theft and fraud. Paper shredding services are custom-fit to your budget and security requirements whether you need documents to be shredded one-time or you would need regular paper shredding services. Important documents are reduced to confetti sizes which are impossible to reproduce by identity thieves. It’s not just paper or documents that can be embezzled; thieves can also prey on your hard disk which contains different corporate or personal files stored through the years. Hard-disk destruction is also offered by the same paper shredding services to ensure nothing gets pilfered or stolen.

Just when you thought your trash could be filthy enough to prevent identity thieves from diving into it, you’ll realize then that this is literally and figuratively some sea of opportunity for them and they certainly won’t hesitate to take the plunge just to get hold of bits and pieces of financial information from you. This is definitely a scary scenario for families in the United States and in all points of the world.

When it comes down to it, it is important to use the best security guard equipment to ensure the safety of the public.

The security guard industry refuses to be intimidated or bullied by identity thieves who profit from other people’s identities. With identity theft and fraud, criminals are not just raking money; they are also toying with people’s lives and ruining reputation with raw documents at hand. This is why security precautionary measures have  been placed to ensure safety and confidentiality of information.